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Manly Pool and the Jetty Kiosk


Recently, I have started writing articles for Weekend Notes which is a great website to visit if you are looking for fun things to do in any of Australia’s capital cities.
One of our favourite places to go since moving to Brisbane is the Manly Swimming Pool. You can read my article about the Manly Pool and the Jetty Kiosk here.

Unfortunately it has been raining pretty constantly here in Brisbane for the last week so we haven’t had much pool time. I hope you are getting some great summer days where you are.
All the best,


Reverse that Garbage!


Well, if you are short of ideas to keep the kids busy in the school holidays, and you happen to live in Brisbane, Reverse Garbage is the place to go.
Reverse garbage is a not for profit agency that accepts donations of offcuts and excess items from industry, and then sells these for a very reasonable price to the public for art and craft work and I’m sure lots of other uses as well.
We had so much fun when we went there, after the initial stress of finding the place and then finding a park in the very crowded very skinny back street.
There are so many goodies – tiles, plastic offcuts, acrylic letters, wood, leather, fabric, bottles, lino samples, even Egyptian Artefacts!

It was great for me because I was looking for some bits and pieces for an art project I am working on. I came home with leather scraps, glass pipettes, a very solid cardboard box and 6 of these really cool small plastic storage containers. Zac came home with all the supplies he needed to make a whip and a staff, Bianca had a bag of elastic and Axel had an Egyptian Sarcophagus!




Lots of creative fun to be had here.

South Bank


I know a lot of my posts have been about Brisbane, and I am going to get onto some homeschooling posts and some arty posts soon I promise, but not today, because today we are having our first day in the city since we moved to Brisbane. We have started off at South Bank which is just wonderful for the kids. They are having a fantastic time playing in the water park and the artificial beach area.


Meanwhile Jayden and I sit on the sand and wonder why we didn’t bring our bathers to the city with us.



The boys played in the pools for a couple of hours, then we went to Max Brenner. Now, for ose of you who aren't familiar with Max Brenner, better known as 'the bald man', he is the King of chocolate, and it is not unusual to see customers lined up out the door waiting to order their decadent chocolate fix. Luckily we timed it just right and only had to wait for a couple of minutes to be served.
Even though the weather was warm, Zac amd Axel needed some warming up after their swim, so they both ordered hot chocolate – thick Italian hot chocolate for Zac, and Hot chocolate with crunchy waffle balls. The hot chocolate is served in Max Brenner's special Hug Mugs and both boys were looking pretty happy with their choice.


Jayden and I opted for the frappes, choc banana for me, and cookies and cream for Jayden, both yummo. As if that wasn’t enough chocolate for one day, we also shared a Choc Strawberry dip which was a little pot of melted chocolate with strawberries, they kindly provide you with a scraping stick so you can be sure to get every last molecule of that melted chocolate goodness. To top it all off, we couldn’t resist sharing a Chocolate Dome, which featured very rich chocolate mouse with a creamy centre all wrapped in a chocolate shell – I was glad we were sharing this one.
With not much change left from fifty dollars, this is definitely one to save for those extra special outings, but it was lots of fun, and I didn’t feel too guilty because as the posters that adorn the walls in the cafe told me, ‘chocolate is good for you’.

Well, we should have quit while we were ahead, because after this we learnt (well were reminded of) a very important lesson – don’t drive your car into the city especially if you are going to be heading home at 5o’clock!
First we had to get out of the carpark, the same carpark where you used to be able to park for $5 if you ate at one of the Cafes, now cost me a ridiculous $30 for the four hours. Our plan was to go to the bank and then have a look around the Queen Street Farmer’s Market. We found the bank and then the markets with no problems at all, we saw them and drove past them several
times as we drove around and around looking for a park. Not knowing the cheap And easy places to park is certainly one of the downfalls of living in a new city. When we accidentally ended up on an exit heading across the river and off in the opposite direction to our house I decided that we’d give up on the market and head for home. At least we know where it is now, so we can go their again another time – on the train
Glad to get home to my own house, and so exhausted that I did something we hardly ever do – take away pizzas for dinner. Yay!

Wynnum Creek


This week Bianca and I got up extra early, to catch some photos of the boats at Wynnum Creek. This rustic little spot is only a few minutes down the road from our house. These aren’t the best photos I’ve ever taken, it was a little overcast, and I was taking photos with my iPad because Bianca was using the camera, but it will give you a bit of a feel for the place. Bianca is using her photos as part of her final portfolio for her Open University photography course.
Right at the mouth of the creek there is a little seafood shop that I think we will try out tonight. Enjoy.








End of the day, low tide at Wynnum Creek


Manly Farmers’ Market


This weekend I had my first experience of a Brisbane Market and it sure was a treat. The market we went to was the Jan Powers Farmers’ Market at Manly.
Jan Powers Farmers’ Markets are held at different venues throughout Brisbane, but on the third Saturday of every month the stall holders set up their produce in the parkland right on the beautiful Manly foreshore which is only a 5 minute drive from our house.


We found a carpark only one street away and walked down the hill towards the market. On entering the market the first stall we came to was an old man selling buckets of lovely cold pressed honey. Beyond this we found a stall raising money for the Fred Hollows foundation where we made our first purchase of some fresh beans and corn, and each of the boys scored a hot corn on the cob that they agreed was the best corn ever.


Everything you could ask for was at the market, fruit and vegetables, meat, eggs, yoghurt, coffee, spices, and of course lots of treats.

Fruit and Veg stall

Beautiful fresh Turkish Pide

Fresh Pasta

Humungous Lamingtons

Amazing Ginger Beer

The best macaroons ever from an authentic French macaroon chef. I had the weekly special which was fruit mince flavour and had a golden sheen, it was superb.





What I quickly realised is that I need a super good, and quite large market trolley. Any suggestions of where I could get one would be much appreciated. I also learnt that you need to wait until closer to the end of the market to get bargain price fruit and vegetables, but I was pretty happy as my fruit and veg was cheaper all up than what I would usually spend at the green grocers. We left the market with two boxes of vegetables, meat, fresh smoked salmon, berry yoghurt, cherries, cheese, bacon, fresh pasta and the cheapest free range eggs I have ever seen. We will certainly eat well this week, and I will be tempted to make the trip to New Farm to experience it all over again next Saturday. Yum!