Brittany’s ‘Fly’ Scarf


I have decided to make a new schedule to keep my blog rolling along. On Mondays I will write about homeschooling, on Wednesdays it will be a lifestyle post, and on Fridays it will be a post about art. This is very good timing for me because today is Friday and I have just finished Brittany’s scarf.

This is the scarf I have been making for my son’s girlfriend, Brittany, who lives in America. It is a present for her birthday which was a couple of weeks ago – hopefully she will forgive my lateness. I wanted to make her a scarf because where she lives it is very cold and she wears a scarf every day. It is made using recycled fabric from clothes I have bought from the Op Shop, which I have cut up, dyed, bleached, printed, manipulated and generally experimented on. I was using all these pieces to experiment and refine my skills especially using dye paste and bleach paste printing.
The scarf is called ‘Fly’. Brittany and my son enjoy doing a lot of bird watching together (so sweet), so I wanted it to have a birds theme and I have included bird prints, feather prints, and phrases about flying in the embroidery.

This is the first time I have done freestyle machine embroidery and I am absolutely hooked – love the effect of the ‘messy’ sewing, and it is really quite relaxing to do. I really need a better sewing machine though, that is first on my list of things to buy when I sell a few pieces.

Ok, here it is….


Unfortunately, the photos are terrible, but I wanted to get this post up today, will try and get some better ones tomorrow.





I have another scarf in pink and blue colourways that I will finish off this week and then put up for sale somewhere, not sure where yet, but stay tuned to see that one next Friday.

Only 7 weeks to go until the artists books exhibition at the Riddoch Gallery In Mt Gambier, so I will need to get back to work on my books this week too.

I hope you are finding opportunities to be creative too.
All the best,


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