Poor Fergus


My poor dog Fergus. He has been having trouble with itching for a few weeks now, but yesterday it really took a turn for the worse. I hunted all over him for signs of fleas or any other bugs, but couldn’t find anything. Then I went to the pet shop and they recommended some anti-itch shampoo which I bought but didn’t even have a chance to try.
Last night I got home from getting some groceries at about 6 pm. I had bought some bones for Fergus, but when I went to give him one, he didn’t jump up excitedly as he usually does, all he could do was sit on his bed madly scratching at his groin and looking pitifully at me. Poor boy, he was just going crazy with it. I was really worried about him too because he was really panting and breathing heavily and so distressed.
I had a bit of a mad panic, with it being after 5 o’clock, and a public holiday the next day, groceries needing to be unpacked and children needing to be fed! Fortunately, our lovely across the road neighbour had given me the name and card of her favourite vet. I pulled it out to check it, and found to my huge relief that they were open until 7pm. It was 6.30 at this stage but when I rang them they said to come straight down.
Here is the result…


Poor Fergus, still feeling very sorry for himself, but at least relieved from the crazy itching which the vet said was a ‘moist skin infection’. As well as the collar, he has ointment and medication so hopefully he wont need the collar on for too many days. The worst thing is that we have stairs onto our deck. He can go down the stairs alright, but when he tries to come back up the collar crashes into the steps, so now he just sits at the bottom and cries until I come and hold the collar up for him lol.
Oh, and when I got back from the Vet, my darling daughter had started cooking the dinner too, so it was all good in the end.
Poor Fergus.


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