My Artwork in progress


It’s taken me quite a while to come around to this. I’m just not a person who feels all that comfortable sharing my artwork ‘in progress’. Even when I have been involved in art classes I always preferred to take my things home and work in privacy when I could. Often when I was doing painting at TAFE, people would come and stand behind and look at what I was doing and boy did it make me squirm! Partly it is because I am self conscious and I don’t want people to see the ‘unsuccessful experiments’ that are an essential part of the art making process. A big part of it though, is that I just like that ‘da da’ moment when you show your work for the first time – I get a real buzz from that.
Having said all that, I have decided to share this work in progress, just between you and me.

I am working on a series of Artist’s books at the moment with the theme ‘Specimens’. These will hopefully be my main pieces in a group exhibition that I am involved with in May.

My journals are not very fancy, although I have had a bit of a play with adding watercolour to this one. Mostly they are places for quickly scrawled notes, stuck in photos and printouts, and rough sketches. I am envious of those amazing journals that are works of art in themselves.

Here are some of the goodies I am using to make my books.

The wires and electrical components I pulled out of the old electric organ that I played as a kid. I just love them – so pretty.

And here are some of the crabs I have been working on. These will be part of a book in the end.



‘Da da!’. I hope you like them. I’ll post photos of the finished products soon.
All the best,


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