Reverse that Garbage!


Well, if you are short of ideas to keep the kids busy in the school holidays, and you happen to live in Brisbane, Reverse Garbage is the place to go.
Reverse garbage is a not for profit agency that accepts donations of offcuts and excess items from industry, and then sells these for a very reasonable price to the public for art and craft work and I’m sure lots of other uses as well.
We had so much fun when we went there, after the initial stress of finding the place and then finding a park in the very crowded very skinny back street.
There are so many goodies – tiles, plastic offcuts, acrylic letters, wood, leather, fabric, bottles, lino samples, even Egyptian Artefacts!

It was great for me because I was looking for some bits and pieces for an art project I am working on. I came home with leather scraps, glass pipettes, a very solid cardboard box and 6 of these really cool small plastic storage containers. Zac came home with all the supplies he needed to make a whip and a staff, Bianca had a bag of elastic and Axel had an Egyptian Sarcophagus!




Lots of creative fun to be had here.


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