10 things I know about moving


Joining in with the Things I Know series from the Yay for Home Blog, here are 10 things I know about moving.
1. It is really, really hard work, and even when you get there, it’s still hard work cos you have to unpack everything again.
2. It’s a good idea to colour code all the boxes with the rooms you want them to go into. Do this on the sides of the boxes, not the top, so you can see your labels when they’re stacked on the removalists trolley.
3. If you pack your favourite glass salad bowl underneath a little glass dish with legs, it will get broken even if you have paper between them.
4. When you declutter your house don’t put stuff in storage, get rid of it, you are never going to want to go back to a cluttered house again.
5. It’s a really good idea to introduce your Mum to Skype and to set her up with an iPad before you leave, even if she is totally computer illiterate.
6. If you are going into a rental house for a little while, decide what you can live without before you pack, and pack these things in separate boxes with ‘do not open’ written on them.
7. Smile lots and be brave about introducing yourself, and shake hands even if you’re a woman.
8. You can pick up great secondhand stuff really cheap, especially if it is hard rubbish collection week in your suburb.
9. Furniture removalists would be very good at playing Tetris.
10. Stay calm and try to be happy through the rough times, it’ll all be over one day.

Good luck to anyone who is moving.


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